VETMotorsports in Kansas with the SCCA.

  • Heartland Park Topeka 7530 Southwest Topeka Boulevard Topeka, KS, 66619 United States

VETMotorsports is participating in an event (automotive road racing) on Saturday, May 13th through Sunday May 14th at Heartland Park Topeka in Topeka, KS. Participants to be placed into teams as pit crews, being assigned specific roles and duties by the team owners. This event comes as not cost to the participant. This is a hands on event, you do not need prior mechanical background to participate.


  • Light Mechanical Work (Check/adjust air in tires, Check lug nuts, Check suspension for loose bolts/nuts, Add fuel, Check/add oil and/or water, Check and record tire temperatures,Connect/unconnected jumper battery (depends on car/team) in paddock and on the false grid)
  • Communicate to driver during sessions/traffic alerts/lap times/track conditions/anything relevant
  • Monitor live timing-to give lap times
  • Manage task list/time management (ensure car and driver is ready for next session)
  • Ensure driver restraints are latched and tight
  • Get and return tools
  • Assist in loading/unloading
  • Assist driver in Tech following the race.
  • Participate in Podium ceremonies, if team is 1st-3d.
  • Other ancillary duties as part of a team.

There are no pit stops during the race. Exact duties will vary by team and type of car.

We will ensure no veteran will be asked to perform any duties that are beyond their capabilities (knowledge/skill/physical ability).

To be considered interested participants must...

  • Have a service connected injury...
  • Have a post 9/11 deployment...
  • Upon request provide supporting documentation to for validation...
  • A valid Driver's License...
  • A DD214...
  • A VA rating letter (rating percentage is not selection factor, just used to verify the warfighters status)... 

To keep operational costs low we give priority to veterans local to the local area.

Past VETMotorsports participants will be considered.

VETMotorsports encourages Peer-to-Peer guest invites (Vet to Vet).

If you have specific questions, or require specific event and program information, please contact or call 614.407.3894