Welcome home.

Thank you for making the effort to contact VETMotorsports. It has been an honor for us to interact and be associated with all of you. For the Board of Directors and volunteers this non-profit isn't work. Racing isn't work... being able to race cars, work on motorcycles and to be at a race track is a pretty cool thing... 

So if you are at this page you are curious on how to sign up. Or you are a caregiver, spouse or veterans service organization that has someone that might benefit from participating in an event. We hate lists, so we'll keep this short...

What you need to qualify as a participant.

  • Active military, veterans with a service connected injury and their spouse/caregiver.

  • Upon request provide your DD214 with your personal information removed (SS#, phone, address, etc).

  • A Veterans Administration (VA) letter with your rating. Please note that disability percentage is not part of the selection process, just that you have been evaluated by the VA. Your personal information needs to be removed (SS#, phone, address, claim amount).

Possible triggers at our events that you need to be aware of...

  • It's loud - We are around race equipment.

  • It's noisy - See the above.

  • There are crowds - Some events are small. Some are large. Just be aware of the environment.

Our Expectations of you.

  • Have Fun!

  • This a team. Our objective is to win; that's your objective as well.

  • You're an adult. We treat you like one and expect you to behave accordingly.

  • No drama. (see above)

  • Show up on time- The event starts when it starts. Can't make it? Contact us.

  • Be sober- If you have medication bring it, but we do not tolerate drinking or drugs during the event.

  • Expect hands on time- You will be actively engaged but at a pace and level that you are comfortable with.... we will never ask you to do something that places you or others at risk.

  • You can step out- Never feel that you have to stay. If you need to leave, if you are not ready to participate but thought you were, then let us know. Your safety and welfare is our #1 concern.

I am active military/ a veteran/spouse/caregiver that wants to attend...

  • Clearly relay all the information on this page to the veteran.

  • Watch the videos together that we have posted.

  • Discuss the triggers that make up our environment.

  • Make a decision that is the best for the long term benefit of the veteran.

  • Unsure? Contact us to schedule a conference call and we'll see how the veteran feels about participating.

Common Questions about participating. 

  • Question: Is there a membership fee or any cost associated in attending?

  • Answer: VETMotorsports pays or provides for your food, gas, lodging. We do not charge a membership fee.

  • Q: What is VETMotorsports' participant criteria?

  • Answer:

    • Active military

    • Guard

    • Reserve

    • A veteran with a service connected injury DD214, suffering with a service related injury and provide the necessary documentation to validate your service history. Some mechanical aptitude or a 'gear-head' mentality is good, but not a must-have.

    • Gold Star families

  • Q: What kind of injury?

  • A: Any. Service related. PTSD, TBI, up to paraplegic, amputee. Those are just some examples but they all fall into our operational box.

  • Q: My VA claim is pending. Can I attend?

  • A: Yes. You can still attend. We would rather you participate then take the risk of no providing you a needed experience.

  • Q: I have attended an prior event, can I keep attending events?

  • A: Yes, but new (to us) participants get priority. Some of the events are limited in opportunity and occurrence. Which can be frustrating to those that thrive in that setting. But keep asking to attend.

  • Q: I failed to make it to an event.

  • A: We want you to keep trying. We don't judge, we just want you there with us.

  • Q: I'm on a waiting list.

  • A: Be patient. We hope to be in (or return) to your area and accommodate you as we grow.

  • Q: Who can join me?

  • A: A spouse / caregiver and if you have kids, they can attend as well. They all attend as spectators and are subject to the same restrictions as our other 'civilian' participants. Please note that we do not provide a babysitter or daycare. All minors must be monitored by an adult at all times.

  • Q: Are these "military-only" events?

  • A: No. We place our events within existing 'civilian' events. You are treated as a team mate, driver, motor sports enthusiast.

  • Q: I've attended. This program will really help other veterans. What else can I do?

  • A: Advocate for others to be involved. It's simple and it works. Come back and join us for another event, but try and bring someone along that would not have attended without some support.

OK, I've read all this, and I want to participate. What's next?

Goto our 'CONTACT' page and send us your name, city, state and in the subject line state "I've Read the Web Page, I want to Participate." We'll respond back...

... Or join our event email list by clicking this link...