VETMotorsports Funding Reaches Wounded Veterans.

(COLUMBUS, OH) – This week the Wounded Warrior Project has been in the news about the firing of its CEO and COO, reportedly due to excessive spending. It was also reported that these two executives boosted spending on internal conferences from $1.7 million in 2010 to over $27 million in 2014. Media coverage further revealed that the Wounded Warrior Project spends 40 to 50% of its contributions on overhead. 

By contrast, VETMotorsports, a Columbus-based 501(c)3 that embeds injured war veterans in professional motorsport racing teams, spends less than 10% of the funds it receives from charitable donations on administrative costs and overhead.  This is largely due to its entirely volunteer staff, volunteer professional assistance, and commitment to focus on combat stress recovery efforts.

“It’s so wonderful that Americans are so generous when it comes to supporting veteran causes, but it is also important that people understand not all non-profit organizations are the same,” said Pete Cline, Executive Director of VETMotorsports. “From the very beginning we’ve looked for ways to maximize our resources in order to provide the most benefit to those we serve. That includes partnering with existing race teams, leveraging technology to save travel costs, engaging professionals who are willing to donate their time and expertise, and doing without a physical office.”

VETMotorsports is about to embark on another  season of racing activities and the organization encourages those who support veteran rehabilitation to consider supporting an organization whose efforts provide a proven return on investment. More information about VETMotorsports is available at

For further information please contact Executive Director Peter Cline at or call 614.407.3894