"I am honored and blessed to be a part of VETMotorsports. This is a real-life, impact-making program that is filling a void for so many post 9/11 wounded veterans. I have had the great privilege to see first hand since 2012 the impact that our non-clinical outreach has on this esteemed group of people, to whom we owe so much. It is a small thing for us to do in supporting the health and well-being of a group of people who have already given so much of themselves for us. We desperately need like-minded partners to help us in our efforts to grow this program across all motor sports venues and will continue to seek new ways to add value and satisfy the needs of the post 9/11 wounded veteran community."

Lt. Col Bernie "Bunyan" Willis



VETMotorsports uses motorsports as an inspiration to propel veterans forward, to encourage veterans to fund their strengths and motivations and to be inspired. We are not a race team, but use existing team structures to provide needed non-clinical outreach. As VETMotorsports expands our relationships and collaborations in the community, we are sharing our passion and strengths with those who have given so much, but asked for so little.

As we continue to move forward, our number one priority is to stay true to our mission and maintain the trust of the veteran community. Those two cornerstones, coupled with long-term sustainability, will ensure the success of VETMotorsports. On behalf of our board of directors and advisers, who share a unique vision for veteran empowerment, and as founder and executive director of VETMotorsports, I encourage you to join our unique mission of wounded combat veteran outreach.

Peter A. Cline, Executive Director & Founder

Recipient of the

2017 Dispatch Media Group "Everyday Heroes of Central Ohio" Semifinalist 

2016 Ohio State University Robert M. Duncan Alumni Citizenship Award

2015 AMA Hazel Kolb Award

2014 Columbus Volunteer Citizen of the Year





Veteran Empowerment Through Motorsports (dba VETMotorsports) is an award winning program founded in 2012 by Pete Cline. Since that time, VETMotorsports has become a national, non-clinical outreach program that relies on community-based settings to help facilitate veteran engagement. By the end of 2015, VETMotorsports recieved its 501(c)(3) status and had over 124 injured warfighters and caregivers participate in 19 motorcycle and auto racing events across the United States.

The VETMotorsports program provides its participants with actual hands-on experience and immersion in a unique format, engaging injured warfighters over a sustained period of time and providing access to real-time activities and leadership roles in a high-stress motorsports environment. These events help empower veteran warriors, providing the same adrenalin rush and sense of vitality and teamwork felt in active duty. They engage, participate, and contribute in events that focus on ability and moving forward rather than disability and the past.

Our program is successful becuase it provides veterans and their families a unique wellness activity focused on developing resiliency in mind, body, and engagement. Injured warfighters exhibit empowerment and enhanced mental health, and are provided opportunities in leadership and peer mentoring. The program connects participants with their peers and engages the local community about veteran empowerment and value.

2016 Accomplishments

  • Continued to network with the veterans groups and transition based organizations.
  • Continued strategic alliance with Triumph Motorcycles North America and Castrol Moto.
  • Increased opportunities in the four-wheel marketspace.
  • Increased donorship and sustainability opportunities.
  • Created alliances and collaborations to increase brand recognition.
  • Increased board member commitment. 
  • Drew attention to and make an impact on the current veteran suicide rate of 22 veterans a day.

2015 Accomplishments

  • Continued to network with the veterans groups and transition based organizations.
  • Completed an independent fiscal audit. 
  • Created a tiered participant structure.
  • Engaged in 124 injured warfighters in 49 motorcycle and auto racing events across the United States.
  • Continued to launch national fundraising initiatives to maintain sustainability.
  • Raised awareness of injured warfighter value and empowered the local veteran community.
  • Draw attention to and make an impact on the current veteran suicide rate of 22 veterans a day.

2014 Accomplishments

  • Provided more unique wellness activates nation wide.
  • Continued to build our trust and relationships within the local veteran community.
  • Ensured the continued improvement of our programs by distrubuting post-event evaluations.
  • Developed and courage the continued improvement for veteran mental and physical health by providing programming with hands-on engagement.
  • Collaborated with partners to develop and implement a well-run, financially successful, and sustainable organization.
  • Continued to ensure that events are held in locations and facilities that provide an optimum balance between the needs of the veterans, those attending, and the event sponsors.

Board of Directors as of 10/14/2017.

Veteran Empowerment Through Motorsports (VETMotorsports) is governed by a diverse and committed Board of Directors whose members make substantial personal and financial contributions to the development of the organization. Board Members, individually and collectively, provide the necessary network, nurturing, counsel, financial, support and fiduciary responsibility that are essential to VETMotorsports to continue in its role as a major veteran institution with a regional and national presence. 

Executive Staff


Non-voting Advisors

  • William Cline, Legal 
  • Richard Grunenwald
  • Eric Whitnable

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