~ This organizaTion was far more Than we could have ever expecTed. VETMotorsports was so accommodaTing and so compassionaTe when working wiTh my husband. i highly recommend any opporTuniTy To be involved wiTh Them.

~ i Think The experience was absoluTely amazing. To see my veTeran engage and be parT of a Team and leave The Trappings of his service behind and be able To be TreaTed as an equal can never be replaced.

~ from The firsT momenT i was inTroduced To peTe i felT like i had known him forever, my graTiTude To such a very special man To give so much back To The veTerans, The gifT of The weekend was beyond unique.

~ i was welcomed righT in, and TreaTed as Though we had been parT of The crew for quiTe some Time. This sporT really pulls you TogeTher as a Team. you work as one uniT on a bike wiTh The mission of keeping your Team leader as safe as possible. iT is very fasT paced, and deTail orienTed. iT gives me back all The Things i miss abouT being a soldier.

~ when you geT ouT of The miliTary There is a loss a disconnecTion from a broTh- erhood and feels like iT’s gone forever. being wiTh veTm and working wiTh my Team i goT The same connecTion i HAVEN'T had since wearing a uniform.

~ noT ofTen anymore do you geT a chance To make a difference To be aparT of a Team and ThaT is exacTly The feeling you geT being on a Track and being wiTh veTerans empowered Through moTorsporTs.

~ The evenT made me engage on all levels iT was amazing. i would love To do This again when i can. i Think This evenT is greaT for all wounded warriors, as in iT is uplifTing and gives us a beTTer ouTlook on The baTTles ThaT we have faced and shows ThaT we are appreciaTed for whaT we have done.

~ before The evenT i was and sTill am fighTing financial hardship, facing evicTion, disconnecTion of uTiliTies and so on. my sTress and anxieTy level were really high, To where i had suicidal and homicidal ThoughTs, i could noT focus or concenTraTe on anyThing.Then came The moTor sporTs and leT me Tell you i immediaTely felT like parT of a Team again, especially knowing ThaT The rider depends on his crew members To keep him safe on The Track.

during The evenT i TEMPORARILY forgoT abouT my problems. i was having The Time of my life.

~ The exciTemenT from The piTs To gasoline alley man fun jusT Took over my bad ThoughTs away, war veTerans need This They will be amazed aT how much fun iTs going To be.

~ i found a piece of myself ThaT was missing while i was There and i am glad To have iT back. and gained noT jusT friends buT more ouT of The Team. i am humbled by The experience and GRATEFUL for The opporTuniTy, i wish i could do iT every race.

~ Thanks for a weekend where i was a member of a Team again. ThaT means more To me Than i can Tell you.

~ Two weeks prior To The race i was hospiTalized because of pTsd. i felT alone and losT. This experience gave me a direcTion, a connecTion wiTh people again and a weekend of relief from a loT of Things.

~ i spenT a decade of my life serving in The marine corps wiTh people ThaT influenced my life, giving me confidence and a sense of pride To serve wiTh Them. This weekend i spenT Time working wiTh (my) race Team ThaT gave me The same feeling of confidence as a wounded warrior ThaT i can sTill do greaT Things and make a difference.

~ This organizaTion was differenT, veTmoTorsporTs broughT us TogeTher and TreaTed us as normal people, ofTen in life i feel ThaT i have no one To Talk To buT as we arrived we quickly Teamed up and and i felT righT aT home, iT was an amazing feeling To Team up wiTh oTher veTerans iT reminded me ThaT i was noT alone and The biggesT problem since I'VE been ouT of The marine corps is feeling alone.

~ aT This poinT in my recovery fun is noT in The charTs. being given This unique opporTuniTy, iT’s easy To say we had fun which i absoluTely did. This was AN exciTing and unique experience for me and my fun-meTer was pegged preTTy high in The exTreme adrenaline rush zone.

~ i CAN'T Thank you guys enough for The opporTuniTy given To us and The supporT shown Through veTm. Through This i was able To see ThaT There is life afTer The miliTary and injuries.

~ iT’s organizaTions like This ThaT helps veTerans show Their sTrengThs, when all a loT of people see are The daily menTal/physical remnanTs of whaT They’ve endured. so i jusT wanT To say Thank you.

The experiences and knowledge ThaT i learned was well worTh The Time. VETMOTORSPORTS IS running a greaT program. iT pushed me physically To work my knee harder Than i would have aT home, so iT was a huge plus in my rehabiliTaTion. i am a liTTle sTiff and sore Today, buT The range of moTion has improved and my back is sTarTing To sTrengThen up some Too. i would definiTely refer any veTeran To Try This program. iT does make you feel like a valued Team member.

~ iT was nice To be leT loose preTTy much unsupervised on The bikes. definiTely like The big boy approach. They were There if we had quesTions, buT They preTTy much leT us do iT on our own.

~ whaT a greaT weekend. Thank you for allowing me The opporTuniTy To be a parT of someThing i Truly enjoy. The evenT is a fasT paced, work orienTed, Team relianT, and mosT of all rewarding. when a professional racer wiTh Their life TrusTs your work you quickly realize your work is similar To The miliTary.

~ i enjoyed The work i did as iT made me feel parT of someThing bigger Than me. when serving as a scouT sniper we do Tremendous work individually buT iT is The collecTive efforTs supporTing each oTher ThaT orchesTraTe The success of all. ThaT is whaT iT felT like.

~ everyone on The Team made The Three of us feel as if we have been parT of Them from day one. The experience has reminded me of my goal To sTarT-up my own race Team again, as i have raced off-road in The pasT. The abiliTy To bring my wife and son along made The evenT more enjoyable, as iT Turned iT inTo a family evenT as well.

~ This evenT was boTh menTally and physically enjoyable. iT provided a break from The ThoughTs and sTresses of day-To-day life, and also provided a sense of pride and Teamwork.

~ Thank you for This amazing opporTuniTy. noT only was iT one of The besT days I'VE had in years buT iT was a greaT day for my wife and kids as well!

~ veTs wiTh pTsd like myself ofTen feel lefT behind and Today i felT like i belonged To someThing again!!!

~ my moTher also wanTed me To Thank you guys. she broke down sobbing hearing The exciTemenT in my voice when i called her afTer we goT home. she said she HASN'T heard ThaT in my voice since i was in middle school. and This woman DOESN'T cry. 

~ looking aT my own issues aT a medical viewpoinT This was really a sTress reliever and provided me wiTh loTs of hope for pasT, presenT and fuTure veTerans as programs like These would spearhead The healing of many veTerans Today and Tomorrow.

~ i would definiTely recommend This program To any veTeran ThaT would like To come and experience iT. since This was my firsT Time parTicipaTing in an evenT like This, i do Truly feel i achieved someThing. ~ i Think your program really hiTs home where iT needs To. someThing ThaT may noT be specifically TargeTed is geTTing veTerans To Talk To each oTher.

~ hearing Their recounTs of fallujah or marjeh was preTTy cool. sure, i Tell people i was in afghanisTan or iraq... buT To be To anoTher person who was in The same ciTy or disTricT as me? priceless.

~ The Thing ThaT made iT differenT is ThaT we didn’T have To Talk abouT iT. This wasn’T Therapy. There was no fresh psychology sTudenT direcTing us To Talk abouT cerTain feelings. iT was jusT The guys ouT There To racecars and The conversaTion flowed. i could noT speak more highly of VETMOTORSPORTS AS AN organizaTion. Thanks for everyThing.

~ firsT and foremosT i wanT To Thank you for one of The greaTesT experience of a lifeTime. my cheeks compleTely hurT from smiling and laughing. They are very happy memories ThaT i will Treasure for a long Time; as a resulT, iT was a greaT opporTuniTy again To be parT of a Team.

~ i will speak of This experience and share how my life was changed for The besT. i can’T Thank veTmoTorsporTs enough, and hope To one day i pay iT forward.

~ i would like To also recognize The Team we had a pleasure To be parT of; They really made us feel welcome.

~ i felT wiThouT a doubT ThaT my husband was back in his elemenT as far as working as a Team TogeTher To achieve a very imporTanT Task. being able To be parT of This i noTiced a loT of posiTive changes in my husband... he would sTarT his mornings very enThusiasTic To parTicipaTe and finishing off The day wiTh a greaT big smile.

~ i definiTely would encourage for many veTerans To join and sTep ouT of Their comforT zone, veTmoTorsporTs is here To help.